Dean’s Welcome Message


Yıldız Technical University Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department was founded in 1967 with the aim to meet the need of Naval Architect and Marine Engineers is one of the two oldest Institutions which offer a education in this field with its over half century. Besides the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering who educates engineers needed by the Ship Building Industry, the Ship Marine Engineering Operations Department was founded in 2008 to educate engineers who will fulfill the need of engineers working on ships. The two departments were beneath the Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty in 2009 and started the education in the Yıldız Campus. While such a structuring will contribute to the process of educating qualified engineers needed in our country, by the increasing activity of our country in the maritime field it will allow to a more efficient use of the human resources. “NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME FACULTY” was founded to educate qualified engineers to the rapidly evolving maritime industry and to make the needed innovative work for this aim in accordance the development plans and strategies of our country, will provide an important contribution for reaching the strategical goals.

Our institution which graduates and serves to the maritime industry over two thousands Naval Architect and Marine Engineers, continues to his dynamic evolution process with the technological developments in the industry and under the international education standarts and acreditation criteria. For creating the infrastructure of modern education and research the required planning and preparation process continues.